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What is Platform Certification


Celtra certifies any partner that wishes to ensure that the data tracked within Celtra’s Dashboard is aligned with the data tracked within their own first party ad server.


Celtra’s certification process is meant for any technology vendor ( SDK provider ), Ad Server, Ad Network, DSP / SSP / RTB, or any partner that serves Rich Media to sites or apps.


The certification process is completed on site(s) / app(s) where potential campaigns will run. In some instances, we will not need to test creative rendering on a site or app (this is generally the case with DSP, SSP, RTB, and Ad Network partners).


The purpose of the certification process is to ensure that analytic data for a potential campaign is aligned, so a partner should become Celtra Certified prior to the launch of their campaign.


As a 3rd party Rich Media vendor the Celtra Certification is intended to not only ensure that analytic data is aligned when comparing Celtra’s Dashboard data to your first party ad server’s data, but also to test full functionality of our Rich media in your site / app, and to identify any limitations that a partner may have.

Our Technical Services team works with our partners to educate them on Celtra’s wide array of capabilities and how this functionality is properly enabled, our certification process is a key step in enlightening our partners and ensuring campaign success.


Celtra’s Certification is completed in a three ( 3 ) step process that marks essential milestones in becoming a Celtra Certified Partner (CCP). The certification process is outlined on our “Certification Process” page. For more information, click here.