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Our certification process generally follows this 2-week timeline.

Supply Partner Certifications

Certified Supply Partners will have fulfilled the below requirements.

Basic Certification

Basic Supply Partners offer support for IAB Standard Display and / or Video formats, and have completed the following one-time requirements:

  • Provided Impression Metric Definitions
  • Identified and aligned Supply Partner Impression metric to a Celtra Impression metric based on technical definitions for counting methodology
  • Completed a one-time comparative metrics testing with impression discrepancy variance on aligned impression metrics less than or equal to 10%
  • Tag Generator Integration

High Assurance Certification

High Assurance Supply Partners have completed all of the Basic one-requirements and the following additional one-time requirements:

  • Supplier Macros for inventory dimensions are mapped to Celtra External Dimensions
  • Supplier has a process available for Blacklisting and or whitelisting by external inventory dimensions

Automated Maintenance Checks For Supply Partners

To remain a Certified High Assurance Supplier, partners must meet the following requirements during automated maintenance checks:

  • Display

    • At least 500K Celtra Requested impressions within the one of the three previous trailing 30-day periods
    • Load Rate must be 70% or higher within one of three previous trailing 30-day periods
  • VAST and VPAID Video

    • At least 150K Video Starts within the one of the three previous trailing 30-day periods

Any High Assurance Supply Partner that fails to meet either activity volume requirements or load rate requirements during all three 30-day check periods will revert to a Basic Certification status until the High Assurance Maintenance criteria is met again during automated checks.

Certification Process

Complete client questionnaire ( 1 Day )

This information is used to update Celtra's database of partners. Click here to complete the questionnaire.

Step 1: Test environment preparation and test tags sent ( 2 Days )

For each channel our partners need certified, a testing environment or place where test tag can be set up for review should be provided when available. Celtra will send the client test tags for each environment with a specific channel name.

Step 2: Tags flighted / Vetting capability ( 2-5 days )

The tags sent by Celtra will need to be flighted to the identified testing environments from the “Client Details” and a testing timeframe should be set up for 10 business days.

When possible, the rendering, functionality, and any custom features should be tested to ensure proper creative behavior in the end publishing environment.

Step 3: Analytics ( 1 Day )

The last step is to compare analytics from the Partner's Ad Server to what was tracked by Celtra and identify which metrics can be aligned based upon the respective technical definitions.

Maintenance ( Ongoing )

Any updates, changes, requests, processes, etc. should be made fully aware to Celtra and vice versa to the client to ensure strong partner relationship. Otherwise, Supply Partner's ongoing Certification Status will be determined by automated checks.